Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update on LAKE MICHIGAN SAND tracks.

These are Fox tracks in sand found at a wildlife site online. They are similar to the suspected Fox tracks I saw at Lake Michigan and they stagger much the same in both pictures. Cat tracks tend to be more consistent as they go at a slower pace and a small dog wolud probably have accompanied a "Master" which i saw no evidence of. I am not sure but I would guess a Red Fox went by that morning within and hour or two of me getting there!

Inquisitive Minds

I have been impressed lately by the way ancient art was a way of studying nature and the human experience. I am sure the need to record and capture our lives experiences has been handed down since the time of Adam. Lately I have been able to learn more about Leonardo Da Vinci and other historical artists who have made art a way to study the world around them. Some might say they used the world around them to inspire art but I am impressed that they were inquisitive and art offered an avenue to explore more thoroughly the questions they had. Da Vinci has many drawn "Studies" of various natural things. If you would like to see some amazing drawings of the world around us I suggest a web search starting with Da Vinci. His Pictures of flowers and plants put most of our modern field guide drawings to shame. Check it out. I guess my point in all this is to challenge everyone to look at something with the intention to learn something new, and to try to capture it in some form for later study and use whether that be to draw or even using digital cameras. It'll probably surprise you what you can learn and how it'll spur you on to new discoveries!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My new Fall layout!

Caity get's all the credit here! She took it upon herself to make my blog a little more original. What do you think? I like it! As fall is coming I am seeing the tips of the trees turning into deep reds and oranges and I find myself amazed that summer is to be gone soon. I have played and learned hard. I feel no big regrets in how I used my time this year so far and have made great progresses towards understanding nature and my place in it. I have thought much about what I hope for in life and I am satisfied that I am where I should be at this point in my life. I have only gratitude to God and the Creator for all their beautiful things. At times in my life I have regretted my place or wished I had taken advantage of a past opportunity to enjoy, but find that as this Summer is fading into Fall I am content. It is enough for me to just enjoy the present. What a wonderful thing!