Friday, June 22, 2007

Skills practice slideshow!

The latest pictures of my attempts at making arrowheads, string from bark, and a little fishing with my children. The "Finished" arrowheads are actually a knife blade and an arrowhead, both made of glass. Tanner helped me make cordage (ropes, lines, and string) out of the inner bark of an old tree, and helped eat the berries out of my birchbark and leaf container. The picture of us fishing with Emma is from the "Weekend Wonders" post weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just chippin' away.

I finished my physics course!!! As a celebration of my new-found mental freedom (instead have having to study), today I shot my compound bow and the recurves my stepdad loaned me. I was keeping track of my accuracy and precision by marking down points earned by getting the arrows into a circle about 7-8 inches in diameter. I had a few great shots and did well for so little experience. My goal is to one day make my own long bow and recurve bow and arrows. I just love being outside and feeling like I am developing a skill. Maybe someday it'll come in handy or maybe not, but at least I am learning right? I also was able to practice making arrowheads out of glass. Glass chips much the same as obsidian or flint. (the typical rocks used for arrowheads) Plus it's easy to find in a survival situation because without fail you can find littered bottles or old junked TV's that people have irresponsibly taken care of. I feel good to find these sites and be able to make good (learning or a tool) come out of the hurt it caused to Mother Nature. The glass I have been using came out of a riverbed near college dorms where students have thrown old TVs, computers and other items off a bridge for the joy of seeing it break over the rocks. Little do they think about the harmful chemicals and dusts that are inside the components and tubes of these things and the harm it causes to the water and life down river. I wish I could do more to teach these people but reallize it starts with me and my attitudes and hopefully one by one a difference can be made. I feel I have to give credit to my wife who has helped me think more in tune with the earth and who has supported my endeavors to understand Nature and her wonders and in this case the threats she faces.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

weekend wonders.

This weekend was by far one of the best I have had in a while. I didn't have to work and had no real plans which made for an opportunity to be spontaneous and carefree. Caity and I went to lake Michigan and took our first plunge. It proved to be very cold yet very fun and invigorating. The wind was pushing in large waves and so it made for a fun time running in and out with the tides. Emma and Tanner were there and had an enjoyable time even for how windy and cold their feet got. I also was able to go fishing both with my family and with Drew my brother-in-law. We had a great time and got plenty wet in the lake near my home. Carp were in the cattails and rushes so we chased them around and tried grabbing them which didn't work out well but proved exciting. On Sunday after a great church service we napped and then went for a walk down to the lake. We had roast waiting in the crock pot so I decided it might finally be the day to try cattail as a side dish. I showed Caity the edible parts and we ate fresh cattail heart (the inner soft core) on the lakeside. They were great! I had heard they tasted a bit like cucumber and can agree with the rumors. Caity enjoyed them too! We brought some of the green hot dog looking cattail heads home and steamed them and ate them as a vegetable side dish which proved very good and interesting. I would say if your an asparagus and corn fan you had better run down to your local cattail hotspot and get harvesting! I knew the cattails were a keeper because Caity and Emma asked for seconds!

Monday, June 4, 2007

gone fishing.

Hello again. I have recently had the opportunity to go up to my Mom and Dad's place in northern Michigan. It was a great little trip with my family. I finally broke down and bought fishing licenses for my wife and I and I am glad we did. We went fishing together and even though I didn't catch anything worthwhile, I realized again why fishing is so alluring. It's all about being outdoors and in good company. I realize their are many just seeking trophy fish but take that away and you get time to talk, listen or just observe. I was glad to have seen and heard Loons and many other wonderful birds. Leaving for home my Dad apologized for the Bad fishing, but I had caught a glimpse of what I enjoy so much (Nature, family and peace) and that made for great fishing.