Saturday, October 27, 2007

Service Projects Galore!

In the past week I have had more opportunity to serve than I might normally have in a month! When I lived up north it seemed every weekend was spent helping someone by stacking wood, doing yard work, clearing land or working on roof. I learned a lot of valuable lessons and skills but most of all learned how good it felt to help another and how good you sleep after a real hard days work. This week I have been able to help move someone, deliver a bowl of soup, landscape and seed a yard, dig out a stump an old man was working on, and load and deliver firewood to a friend. (ALL FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE!)
To be honest I have been distant from work in the blister and sweat sense. I have also allowed myself to be "TOO BUSY" to help in the past and have missed many great opportunities. My point in blogging about my experiences is to simply express that I have felt like more of a brother and more of a friend to those around me in the last week than I have in the last year. Through service we can find relationships, peace and perspective that is otherwise out of our reach.
In offering this I am in no way reveling in my accomplishments in the service arena, in fact I am feeling pretty humbled and low for letting this part of my life almost slip away by my own neglect and lack of priority. What saddens me is that I am sure last week and the week before that and so on, have all had just as many or more opportunities to serve but I have not either opened my eyes to the need or I have let my personal agenda take precedence.
I challenge everyone to look around them and take the opportunity to do something solely for someone else's benefit and likely you will also rekindle one of the sweetest parts of your life. For those who already serve so well, my hats off to you! I hope I can one day be like you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am still alive!

I have been so very busy lately! To catch everyone up, I have been studying like a mad man and been involved as a YM president of my local church's youth group. I also decided to compete in a Business pitch competition and somehow won 1st place out of 27 competitors! I have been reluctant to post news about my winning on this site because the nature of the Business pitch was an invention for cleaning. It will be made of plastic and is very useful but also for convenience more than anything, which doesn't really fly with my vision for this site and for me as a caretaker of this world. I can just imagine the invention ending up in a land fill someday and it makes me cringe. I am looking for ways to make the scraper and scrubber out of used or recycled materials to hopefully offset the impact it could have by its eventual discardment. As I get the Patent figured out I can post images and explain more but in the meantime realize I still exist and don't forget to get yourself out and enjoy the beautiful fall colors and sensations!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wildwood Survival Posting!

I have been posted on the Wildwood Survival website! It is by far the most informative site on primitive skills I have found. Best of all the information is free! I posted a primitive Vision/Eyewear skill. Look it up at under the "More" link and then look for the Vision Section. (My favorite links to the right will get you there)
I am excited about this and it is an honor for me to have a submission accepted!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Good old Calvin!

I recently saw a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon that reads; "I say, if your knees aren't green by the end of the day, you seriously ought to re-examine your life." It shows Clavin completely dirty and yet smiling at his days accomplishment. Hope we can all get our knees dirty daily.