Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring is here!

I have been very busy lately but even so I can't help but to notice the Blue-jays screeching, the robins calling and the chickadees singing. We have had some starry nights and as I come in from a late "day at the office" I can sometimes look up and find my favorite constellations. The bulbous flowers are all coming up and the earth is starting to wake up again. I am excited to be alive! I feel really excited about this year and the upcoming warm seasons. I am planning many attempts at learning new skills and have already begun making some blanks from Ash trees which I will try and make a primitive bow from. These trees were cut near my college as apart of a construction project and left to waste, which allowed me the opportunity to try making bows without me cutting live trees! I'll try and post of my progress.

As always, keep up on my new skill and creative posts at

Take a moment and bring your nose to the earth and notice what memories stir as you breath in the rich smells of spring soil!


Caity said...

Spring is so infectious! I'm loving it! It was so cute watching you talk to the kids yesterday about smelling the earth and seeing you all lying on the ground! So fun! You're right though, I love the smell of the earth this time of year!

Anonymous said...

Spring is the best. It is so neat to see the tulips popping up and the earth just getting bright again! Just makes you want to take a deep breath and enjoy. Thanks for the reminder. And I will be checking out that site some more!!!! Can't wait to here all of the new stuff these warm seasons!!