Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Appalachian Mountain's Majesty!

Wow! On our trip to North Carolina to visit family we drove through Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia. I loved seeing the Appalachian mountains especially of West Virginia as they were very obvious, looming tall by the route we took. The beauty of these mountains is in their variety and distribution. I love that each mountain has a mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees and that the even the most settled parts are quite unsettled.

I love the idea that there are still parts of this country that you could lose yourself in.

I can just imagine walking off into those mountains and finding uninhabited portions and areas devoid of human impact. I love exploring and being able to find new spots and seeing things for the first time.

How Beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

I could sure get lost there in no time at all. They really are beautiful though! I loved that drive as well. It has been a few years, but West Virginia was just amazing to drive through. All of the curves in the mountains. I am glad you guys had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

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Lisa Pedersen said...

have you watched mountain men on the history channel? One of the featured fellows live in NC on 1000 acres of unspoiled wilderness off the grid....makes me wanna do the same!
I've also been thinking about life outside the drive around and see life from the seat of yer car - but what happens when you leave the safety of the road? most people are scared of it...but me? I want to run into it head first!