Saturday, December 15, 2007

Deer tracks.

I finally finished another semester at school! Now I find myself able to do things that I wish to do instead of what i have to do.
I decided to go up to my mother-in-law's cottage on thursday to take some of her belongings and to tear out some of the bathroom and closets that need remodeling. I was excited about the drive because of the beautiful country you drive through and because of the time it gives to think and ponder about things. The snow was hanging on the trees and making everything look just like a "winter wonderland". When I got to the cottage I was delighted to get out of the van and see fresh deer tracks all over her yard! The property line has some fruit trees and they were eating up what was left on the trees and what has been late to fall on the ground. I am JUST SO EXCITED ABOUT HER PLACE! On my lunch break I walked about a 100 yards and sat on the edge of a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan! the scene was gorgeous and had rays of sunshine penetrating the clouds making a painting-worthy scene. The water was everything from deep blues to emerald greens because of the different sandbars and how the light was hitting the lake. The deer tracks in the yard came from the bluff area and I am speculating that they bed down in some fur trees a little ways down on the bluff. I did see five bedding areas that had melted the snow in little 2-3 foot wide ovals and they were only about 75 yards from the house in some heavy brush and thicket. The area across the street from her is an Audoban Society Preserve and so it is well taken care of and has many animals and birds especially. It is such a magical place and I am excited for others to come up and enjoy the place and the great company ( my Mother-in-law ) it will offer!


Running Waters said...

Joel and I and the kids drove up to my house today. I was so excited to see it! It was a snowy afternoon and the drive was beautiful. Joel has worked so hard at taking out walls and cupboards. It was so neat to see the transformation. I, too saw the deer tracks right along my driveway! I am going to love it there. I get such a good feeling there and my heart is very grateful to the Soelberg family for all their help! I'm taking reservations for visits. Keepsake Kottedge will be open in May. Mom

blogbusters said...

I am sooo psyched to see this place....we will be there for our first viewing in May!!! Yippeee!

Caity said...

I love you Joel